A Call to Action

EMPOWER: a global movement to end human trafficking.

  • We believe that God created every person valuable and that no one should be bought or sold.
  • We believe that it is time to stop competing against each other and start collaborating together to end human trafficking.
  • We believe that the task is too great to turn it over to professionals. It is time to stop being spectators and start being participants.
  • We believe that every day people can choose to work together and make an extra-ordinary difference in our world.
  • We believe human trafficking should end in our life-time
7 April

On Display


Rows of them, with elaborate colors and subjects. Some displaying beautifully prepared food. Others displaying hobbies such as photography, athletic sports, or home decorating. None, however, were the magazine I was hunting for. Probably out of print, as it was a bi-yearly publication nearing extinction. What was difficult about this search through the racks of […]

12 March

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?


How do you kill eleven million people? This is the title of a book I recently read after a conversation came up in a monthly book club I attend. We started talking about how Hitler was so successful in convincing so many to follow his thinking. So many people followed, really, to their very deaths. […]

25 February

On the Cusp


Lately I have had a lot of compassion for people who have a cause that requires mass involvement because I, like them, have been tasked with championing for a cause – anti-human trafficking. It seems at every turn there are requests for money, for donations, for participation, and even down to the blood within our […]