A Call to Action

EMPOWER: a global movement to end human trafficking.

  • We believe that God created every person valuable and that no one should be bought or sold.
  • We believe that it is time to stop competing against each other and start collaborating together to end human trafficking.
  • We believe that the task is too great to turn it over to professionals. It is time to stop being spectators and start being participants.
  • We believe that every day people can choose to work together and make an extra-ordinary difference in our world.
  • We believe human trafficking should end in our life-time
6 October

A Survivor Story: Identifiable Me


“For us to bring the right solution set is to acknowledge it exists in the first place,” Congressman Scott Rigell stated at a recent anti-human trafficking conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The plight of human trafficking in this nation is upon us and thankfully many are in the fight to end it. I heard one […]

8 September

Rescue Effort in Iraq


We are all shocked and overwhelmed by the news of the continuing genocide facing Iraqi Christians and Yazidis who have fled to Mount Sinjar and now face starvation or murder at the hands of the radical ISIS forces.  London Telegraph reporters on the scene are calling it a “humanitarian disaster of unimaginable proportions.” Last month […]

2 September

Human Trafficking and the Border Crisis with Newstalk 710 KURV


EMPOWER’s Chief Volunteer Officer, Eric Watt, talks with News Talk on 710 KURV radio station in McAllen, Texas about human trafficking. He says that human trafficking is the buying and selling of people through coercion. Usually for labor or sex acts. Of the homeless and runaway youth population in Texas, it is estimated within in […]