A Call to Action

EMPOWER: a global movement to end human trafficking.

  • We believe that God created every person valuable and that no one should be bought or sold.
  • We believe that it is time to stop competing against each other and start collaborating together to end human trafficking.
  • We believe that the task is too great to turn it over to professionals. It is time to stop being spectators and start being participants.
  • We believe that every day people can choose to work together and make an extra-ordinary difference in our world.
  • We believe human trafficking should end in our life-time
24 November

Sticky Logic


As children we were quick to advocate for more lollipops, cookies, candy, you name it. Our debates were simple but not well grounded, “Because I want more.” “Because it’s there, so I should have it.” “Because she had one.” “Because.” The current debate about a bill making its way through Congress is sticky with similar […]

17 November

She begged them to kill her.


Ajda lay on the dirt floor listening to the screams of the other captured girls. Just a few weeks before, Ajda was a normal teenager who spent her spare time helping her mother in the kitchen. BUT that life was now gone and Ajda was being brutally tortured, repeatedly abused and raped by the men […]

6 October

A Survivor Story: Identifiable Me


“For us to bring the right solution set is to acknowledge it exists in the first place,” Congressman Scott Rigell stated at a recent anti-human trafficking conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The plight of human trafficking in this nation is upon us and thankfully many are in the fight to end it. I heard one […]