A Call to Action

EMPOWER: a global movement to end human trafficking.

  • We believe that God created every person valuable and that no one should be bought or sold.
  • We believe that it is time to stop competing against each other and start collaborating together to end human trafficking.
  • We believe that the task is too great to turn it over to professionals. It is time to stop being spectators and start being participants.
  • We believe that every day people can choose to work together and make an extra-ordinary difference in our world.
  • We believe human trafficking should end in our life-time
16 July

A Web of Factors: Runaways and Homeless Youth in America


A year ago I didn’t know what human trafficking was. Today I know that human trafficking is the sale of one person by another for labor or sex. Surprisingly, it is rampant in our nation. A friend asked me the other day, “What vehicles are these kids transported in?” The answer is varying kinds. From […]

14 July

Victory At All Cost


Over the past year I have learned much about human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking of children. The biggest revelation is that there are many in the fight to end human trafficking: non-profits, national and state government departments, and amazing individuals who have single-handedly made a difference. What has been hardest to understand is the feeling […]

11 June

Five House Bills Pass! On to the Senate!


Tuesday May 20th five of five proposed anti-human trafficking bills in the House of Representatives passed! Through the dedicated efforts of many of our congressional representatives, it was a day of celebration as the first step towards national law was achieved. “The next step is to ensure that the Senate passes the SAVE Act [and […]