A Call to Action

EMPOWER: a global movement to end human trafficking.

  • We believe that God created every person valuable and that no one should be bought or sold.
  • We believe that it is time to stop competing against each other and start collaborating together to end human trafficking.
  • We believe that the task is too great to turn it over to professionals. It is time to stop being spectators and start being participants.
  • We believe that every day people can choose to work together and make an extra-ordinary difference in our world.
  • We believe human trafficking should end in our life-time
13 April

You Have the Right to View Pornography


…but know the facts A few weeks ago I posted some information on EMPOWER’s Facebook page about how human trafficking and pornography have a connection.   Among the comments, one person had expressed frustration and adamant disagreement to my proposed connection, while others had defended the premise. His response helped confirm the suspicion I had, that […]

9 February



A friend died last week. What stuck me most about this event were the skills and talents of those around him when he died. A man, a complete stranger, knew how to perform CPR. Another knew how to fly a helicopter to a hospital with swiftness. Others knew to freeze his body to slow the […]

24 November

Sticky Logic


As children we were quick to advocate for more lollipops, cookies, candy, you name it. Our debates were simple but not well grounded, “Because I want more.” “Because it’s there, so I should have it.” “Because she had one.” “Because.” The current debate about a bill making its way through Congress is sticky with similar […]